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Our process

A collaborative approach

Many of our engagements sit outside clearly delineated problem spaces and industries, and that is where we thrive. We approach challenges and opportunities through a system-level lens, where cross-sector collaboration and co-creative practices form the connective tissue. Because of that, we often partner with collaboratives bridging the public and private , for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, while centering the individuals who make up the communities we aim to serve. 

Then, we bring together a variety of partners from our wide network of change-makers, builders, operators, problem-finders and problem-solvers. Through this community of practice, we work together to solve big problems we care about collectively, bringing together many different but complementary skills and approaches. We learn through this collaborative process and from each other through our shared practice.

We believe that trusted relationships and collaboration are the foundation for working on wicked problems. Working with partners that we already have established trusted relationships with will help our projects run smoother, resulting in a better experience for your teams and better outcomes for your communities.

Postitive Community Outcomes

Positive community outcomes we are working towards may look like:

  • building collective imagination - we  all see ourselves in the opportunities, not just the problems

  • creating a shared language for sustainable and healthy growth

  • supporting flourishing small and mid-sized cities (wicked collaboration at the local level)

  • nurturing environments where civic engagement and community building activities can happen (through engaged denizens)

  • enabling more connected, resilient and creative neighbourhoods

Some of our favorite collaborators

Our Clients

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